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Solar Wind Hybrid 12V Charge Controller for Wind Generator and Air-X pollo Ametek

Solar Wind Hybrid 12V Charge Controller for Wind Generator and Air-X pollo Ametek

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1000W 12V Solar Wind Hybrid Charge Controller for Wind Generator and Air-X

Phoenix 12V

Connection Overview:

Over the past few decades, as technology advances to improve our living, so does our demand for energy skyrockets. The usage of fossil fuel and nuclear energy has resulted in global warming, acid rain, melting of the polar cap and radiation pollution, it seems like investing in renewable energy is the only way to ensure our next generation will survive and prosper.

Of all the different kinds of renewable energy available today, solar and wind are the two most popular ones favored by homeowners due to their relatively easy implementation and wide range of suitable sites. With the micro solar grid tie application being simplified by our GP2-400 Grid Tie Inverter, many people have started to think about feeding wind energy back to the grid with the popular Air-X and other homemade turbines using the same concept. However, after some investigations are being done, they are disappointed to find out that connecting wind to the grid is a whole different story.

As we know, solar has relatively stable throughput from dawn to dusk. On the other hand, wind is unstable and volatile. The major challenge presented with wind energy is sometimes it can go on for days without a breeze, and sometimes there are burst of gusts that are strong enough to damage systems. Obviously, today's equipments are not designed to handle this inconsistency and it seems like there is something missing to complete the puzzle.

Fortunately, this missing puzzle has been found. Introducing GreenergyStar's latest developed product: SolarWind Hybrid RX, the state of the art charge controller that can handle solar and wind at the same time! Since Air-X is a popular wind turbine in North America, our development team has specifically tailored this controller to work with the Air-X's charging system. In addition, as requested by popular demand, this controller will also work with Solar Panels and other AC/DC wind Turbine.

Installation Reference - not to scale
(No inverter, batteries, turbines and solar panels included in this listing)


What is a SolarWind Hybrid RX Charge Controller?

GreenergyStar SolarWind Hybrid RX is he most advanced charge controller in the market today. Unlike other hybrid controllers, this multipurpose device is designed to work with Southwest Windpower's Air-X, 403, and 303 plus other 12V AC/DC turbines and solar panels. The SolarWind Hybrid RX has utilized microprocessor based control electronics, sophisticated monitoring software, high quality finned aluminum casing and an intuitive LED display design. It is designed to work with the GreenergyStar branded grid-tie inverters to send renewable energy generated by Air-X, 12V AC/DC Turbine and solar panels back to the grid in a stable, controlled and safe manner. The following list will summarize its major features:


  1. Hybrid system designed to work with Southwest Windpower's Air-X, 403, and 303 plus other 12V AC/DC turbines and 12V solar panels
  2. Compatible with GreenergyStar branded grid-tie inverters
  3. Maximum power: 1000W (rated at 27V & 37.5A)
  4. System Voltage: 12V Nominal (see input / output sections for range)
  5. Microprocessor based control electronics to control charging, outputs and dump load
  6. Dump load utilize Pulse-width modulation (PWM) switching technology to recover power during high wind periods
  7. Manual Braking switch to isolate wind turbine from the system.
  8. Intuitive LED Display to reflect system status
  9. Keeps battery in an optimum charged state
  10. Prevents overcharge and over-discharge
  11. Internal diode to prevent reverse current to solar panels or wind turbine at night
  12. High quality finned aluminum casing to protect the interior and dissipate heat


Input Features:

  • Operating voltage & current on all terminals: 11.5V ~ 27V, 0A ~ 37.5A
  • Maximum input voltage & current on all terminals: 30V , 40A
  • Withstand voltage: 35V (anything above will damage controller)
  • Stand-by power consumption: 0.1W
  • AC Turbine: For 3 phase AC turbine. The 3 wires from AC turbine can be connected to the terminals in no specific order. Built in rectifier will convert AC to DC. DC Turbines can also be connected here as the rectifier accepts DC input as well. The TURBINE LED will turn Green when there is an active input source.
  • Solar: The SOLAR LED will turn Green when there is an active input source.
  • DC Turbine: Recommend for Air-X since this terminal has the Stay Online feature. The TURBINE LED will not turn on since the Air-X has its own (red) charging LED. The Blue CHARGE LED will turn on when there is power coming in from the inputs.

Input Protection & Specification:

  • Manual Turbine lock to force dump load to turn on
  • Pulse Width Modulated Dump Load
  • Stay-Online Feature to keep Air-X up and running in low battery condition
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Night Time Reverse current protection to prevent current going into wind turbine and solar panels
  • Over current Protection (40A Fuse)
  • Efficiency: Maximum 98%+


Output Features:

  • Operating output current: 37.5A
  • Total maximum output current: 40A
  • Maximum current on individual output: 30A
  • Voltage tolerance: +/- 5%
  • Maximum Output Power: 1000W (rated at 27V & 37.5A)
  • Output starts when inputs are above 12.5V
  • The OUTPUT A, B, C LED will turn Orange with respect to each output.


Charging Features:

  • Battery is an input and an output at the same time
  • The CHARGE LED will turn Blue indicating battery is being charged
  • Overcharge protection Cut off voltage: 14.7V
  • Over-discharge protection Cut off voltage: 11.4V
  • Recommend using deep cycle batteries if possible
  • Normal lead acid batteries are acceptable as well
  • 3 charging modes: Continuous charging, Pulsing, Trickiling.

Power Supply Modes:

Mode 1 - Power Supply

When input voltages are lower than the battery's voltage, the battery will act as a supply to all outputs. Power to all outputs will be cut when the battery has drop down to 11.4V

Mode 2 - Stay Online (for Air-X only)

When battery voltage is below 11.4V and input voltages is under 9V, even though all outputs will be cut, the charge controller will still send electrical pulse to the DC input terminal every 5 - 10 seconds as indicated by the pulsing Red AX SIGNAL LED. This is necessary for Air-X's internal controller to stay on. Since the Air-X will not wake up on its own, without these pulses, even if wind starts blowing the Air-X will free spin and no power will be generated.

Warning: Controller will get damaged if polarity of battery is incorrect


Protection Features:

Dump Load

  • MUST be connected at all time to protect the charge controller, no dump load = no warranty
  • Requires a minimum of 1.2Ohm 600W resistive load to be connected to the dump load terminal
  • Dump load activates when AC Turbine is >= 27V
  • Unlike conventional dump loads that short circuit on activation and drop outputs to zero, the SolarWind Hybrid RX utilizes Pulse-width modulation (PDM) switching technology to only dump what is necessary and conserve the rest.
    (refer to Figure above)
  • Activating dump load will slow down the AC turbine and reduce voltage spikes.
  • Over voltage protection: All outputs will be cut when input voltage is over 30V. However dump load will stay on.
  • The DUMMY LED will turn Red when the dump load has been activated

Manual Turbine Lock (Brake)

  • Manual Turbine Lock is used to force dump load to fully turn on (ie: short circuit)
  • Useful when it is necessary to isolate AC wind turbine from the system (ie: during installation or maintenance)
  • Turbine lock is the red switch at the top-left corner of the Output Face (refer to Figure 1 on page 6)
    • "|"- locks turbine
    • "0"- unlocks turbine


Mechanical Specifications:

  Operating temperature range
-25'C - 85'C
  Dimension (L x W x H)
19.3 x 13.1 x 6.9 cm
7.5" x 5.2" x 2.7"
Wall Mount at base

Convection cooled with fan
(activate around 50°C ~ 60°C)

High quality finned aluminum to act as heat sink for fast heat dissipation

What are included:

- One SolarWind Hybrid RX Charge Controller
- Instruction Manual


We will warrant this unit against any manufacture defects or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty specifically excludes damage caused by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improper storage, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.This warranty is not transferable. In the event of a claim against this warranty, the seller's obligation, and the claimant's sole remedy, shall be replacement of the product, repair, or refund of the original purchase price excluding any shipping and handling fees. All shipping and handling fees going both ways are responsible by the buyer.