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GreenergyStar 1st Generation Grid Tie Inverter 200W

GreenergyStar 1st Generation Grid Tie Inverter 200W

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What is a Grid-Tie Inverter?
In a nutshell, a Grid-Tie Inverter is a device that that can transform DC electricity (ie: Solar Panels, Battery Storage) into AC power that can be directly injected into your utility's electricity network (the power grid). While high output (1000W ~ 5000W) inverters are available in the market, their prices ranges in the thousand's range and it is just too much of an upfront cost for anyone interested in green energy generation.

In addition, because of the high output, a certified electrician will need to be hired to install the equipments and connect the cables. With the invention of the SSI-200W Grid-Tie Inverter, connecting to the grid has never been this easy and affordable. All that has to be done is connect your DC Sources (Solar Panels) to the SSI-200W, and use the included cable (North American standard) to connect to any home AC electrical outlet, and you are feeding/selling green energy back into the grid at a premium rate(subject to local policies).

This is the perfect start up solution for anyone interested in green energy generation as it is affordable and maintenance free. In addition, the SSI-200W is stackable; meaning multiple unit of this device can be connected in parallel to generate a higher output.

Connection Diagram

Electrical Specifications - Output:

Solar Inverter Plug

  Mode SSI-200W
  Nominal AC Output Power 200W
  Maximum AC Output Power 250W
  AC output voltage range (220V) 190V - 250V
  Frequency (220V) 46Hz - 65Hz
  AC output voltage range (110V) 90V - 130V
  Frequency (110V) 46Hz - 65Hz
  Total harmonic Distortion (THD) <5%
  Power Factor 0.99
  Island Protection Yes, inverter shuts
down during black out
  Output current waveform True sine wave

Electrical Specifications - Input:

Solar Inverter Back

  DC input voltage range 14V - 28V
  Peak inverter efficiency 91%
  Over-current protection 20A
  Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
  Power consumption (Standby) 1W
  Stackable Yes, unlimited

Mechanical Specifications:

  Operating temperature range -20'C - 65'C
  Weight 1.2kg
  Dimension (L x W x H) 15.2 x 14.3 x 5.7 cm
6.00" x 5.63" x 2.25"
  Mounting Wall Mount
  AC Cable Length 1.5m
  Cooling Convection cooled with fan
  Display 3 Green LED + 1Red LED
  Voltage Switch 115V, 230V

Enviro-techs 200W Grid Tie Inverter
- Grid-Tied
- sell green power directly back to the grid at a premium rate (depends on your location)
- Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) - optimize power output
- Plug and Play Design, simply plug into an outlet (GFI), no hard-wiring
- Stackable (connect in parallel for higher output)
- Island protection: Inverter will shut down during black outs.
- Simple and safe installation
- Reverse polarity protection
- Generates pure Sine Wave
- Constant Power Output
- Low distortion output on all ranges
- Allow different Power factor from loads
- Does not require rewiring of existing electronics
- LED indicators to reflect power output rate
- Compact and light weight design
- RoHS Compliant

What are included:
- One Enviro-techs SSI-200W Grid-Tied Inverter
- One 1.5m North America Standard AC Cable
- Instruction Manual