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GreenergyStar 2nd Generation Grid Tie Inverter Grid Power II 400W

GreenergyStar 2nd Generation Grid Tie Inverter Grid Power II 400W

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What is a Micro Grid-Tie Inverter?

First, we should know what a Grid-Tie Inverter is. A Grid-Tie Inverter is a device that that can transform DC electricity (ie: Solar Panels, Wind Turbine, Battery Storage) into AC power that can be directly injected into your utility's electricity network (the power grid).

As of today, most inverters available in the market are in the high output (1000W ~ 5000W) category. Their prices ranges in the thousand's range and it is just too much of an upfront cost for anyone interested in green energy generation. In addition, because of the high output, a certified electrician will need to be hired to install the equipments and connect the cables.

Ever since we invented the first generation of the Micro Grid Tie Inverters, connecting to the grid has never been this easy and affordable. All that has to be done is connect your DC Sources (Solar Panels or Wind Turbine) to the inverter, and use the included cable (North American standard) to connect to any home AC electrical outlet, and you are feeding/selling green energy back into the grid at a premium rate (subject to local policies). This is the perfect start up solution for anyone interested in green energy generation as it is affordable and maintenance free.

In addition, our inverters are stackable; meaning multiple unit of these devices can be connected in parallel to generate a higher output.

It is up to us. Up to this generation. To lead mankind into a greener future.

What's New in the 2nd Generation?

So you ask, "What's new in this second generation?". Well, there are number of upgrades in performance, safety and display that are not available in the first generation or other inverters in the market. We will use our Enviro-Techs SSI-200W first generation inverter as the base model for comparison. Here are the high lights:


152 x 143 x 57 mm
163 x 154 x 57 mm
Other 250W
181 x 116 x 54mm
Other 500W
230 x 220 x 90mm

- 400W, 60% enhanced in Power Output
- 38.5% better in Space Utilization
51% better in Weight Reduction with smaller and higher quality parts


New Model: GP2-400

Second Generation Normal Operation

AC Disconnected
/ Fault
- Unique and intuitive display design
- LED cycling in circular formation
- Represent electric meter spinning backward and power is being output to the grid
- Smooth motion

Old Model: SSI-200W

First Generation LED Display (reference only)

- 3 Green LED moving from left to right linearly
- LED movement are somewhat not continuous due to the fact that motion breaks off at the last light


New Model: GP2-400

30A Fuse

- External 30A Fuse for easy maintenance
-Utilizing low resist DC input circuit to increase efficiency.
- Reverse Polarity protection
- Buzzer will alarm when fuse need to be replaced
- Reduce internal temperature

Old Model: SSI-200W

Internal Fuse

- Hard to maintenance
- Need to remove knobs and remove bottom plate
- Heat generated by the fuse will stay inside the inverter

Automatic AC Voltage & Wider Voltage Range for DC input :

New Model: GP2-400 Automatic Voltage Switch

- Automatically Switch between 110V ~ 220V AC
- Compatible with grids from ANY countries.
- No more manual switch
- Avoid unit being damaged because of human mistakes
- Cleaner User Interface
- Wider DC Input Voltage Range 10.8V ~ 28V
- Allow MORE types of power source to be connected (ie: Air-X, 12V Battery, and etc)

Old Model: SSI-200W

Manual Voltage Switch

- Easy to be overlooked and cause damage to inverter
- Can be troublesome when there are multiple units
- Narrow DC Input Voltage Range 14V~ 28V
-14V is a range that is too high for starting wind turbines, and half charged 12V batteries

- Plug and Play Function. Simple, easy
- Connect the inverter to a solar panel, then plug it into an AC outlet. Done.

- Grid-Tied - sell green power directly back to the grid at a premium rate (depends on your location)
- Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) - optimize power output
- Plug and Play Design, simply plug into an outlet (GFI), no hard-wiring
- 60% enhanced in power output compare to first generation inverters
- 38% better in space utilization and 51% better in Weight Reduction with higher quality parts
- Unique and intuitive LED display design to reflect power output rate
- External 30A Fuse for easy maintenance
- Automatic 110V - 220V AC voltage switch, NO MORE manual hassle
- Wider DC Input Voltage Range, from 10.8V ~ 28V compare to 1st generation's 14V ~ 28V
- Allow MORE types of power source to be connected (ie: Air-X, 12V battery, and etc.)

- Compatible with previous model Enviro-techs 200W Grid Tie Inverter
- Aluminum enclosure will act as heat sink to help dissipate heat
- Stackable (connect in parallel for higher output)
- Island protection: Inverter will shut down during black outs.
- Simple and safe installation
- Reverse polarity protection
- Generates pure Sine Wave
- Constant Power Output
- Low distortion output on all ranges
- Allow different Power factor from loads
- Does not require rewiring of existing electronics
- Compact and light weight design


Figure 1: AC Power

Figure 2: DC Input

1. Install in a low humidity and well-ventilated area. Remove all flammable objects.
2. Connect the Solar Panel, Battery or Wind Turbine's DC supply cables to the DC input terminal of the inverter. Wind Turbine installations will require respective charge controllers and dump loads
3. Connect the inverter to a wall socket with the supplied AC Power cord.

Pay close attention to the polarity of your DC input. Connecting incorrectly might blow the fuse. In such case the inverter will make a buzz sound whenever power is connected and the fuse will need to be replaced.

Electrical Specifications - Output: 

  AC Output Power
  Maximum AC Output Power
100 ~260V Auto Switching
46Hz - 65Hz
  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  Power Factor
  Island Protection
Yes, inverter shuts down during black out
  Output Current waveform
Pure Sine Wave

Electrical Specifications - Input:

  DC Input Voltage (Solar & Wind)
10.8V - 28V
  Peak inverter efficiency
  Over-current protection
  Reverse Polarity Protection
  Power consumption (Standby)
Unlimited as long as it doesn't exceed main circuit amperage limit

Mechanical Specifications:

  Operating temperature range
-20'C - 65'C
  Dimension (L x W x H)
16.3 x 15.4 x 5.7 cm
6.3" x 6.10" x 2.25"
Wall Mount at base
  AC Cable Length
Convection cooled with fan
1 Red and 6 Green LED

What are included:

- One GreenergyStar GP2-400 Hybrid Grid-Tied Inverter
- One spare 30A fuse
- One 1.5m North America Standard AC Cable
- Instruction Manual