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12 pieces 1.5W AC MR-16 White LED Spot Light Bulb E26 Base

12 pieces 1.5W AC MR-16 White LED Spot Light Bulb E26 Base

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12 Pieces | Total 21 x 10 = 252 LEDs

The LED Spot Light is convenient to use. Unlike the conventional incandescent light bulb which requires a transformer to run, the LED spot lights just need to get screwed into a 110~130V E26 (North America standard) socket. The LED light bulbs have a super long life that last for 100,000 hours. That would be more than 12 years of continuous operation. Since LED is in a solid state (no filament) it is almost indestructible (not if you intended to destroy it). LEDs are about 10 times the efficiency of a typical flashlight bulb, so you get more light and you can cut down your electric bill at the same time.

Cool white light will not damage the color of painting

examples of shining area

12pcs 110V-130V AC MR-16 White LED Spot Light Bulb
100,000 hours of life
21 pcs 10000mcd Super bright LEDs in series and parallel configuration
12 years of continuous operation
Energy consumption is only one tenth of a typical light bulb
110~ 130V AC
More energy efficient
NO heat
E26 screw
Size: diameter 50mm, height 50mm
Ideal for using with a solar panel
Power Consumption: 1.5W
Current: 0.012A
Operating Temperature: -40C ~ 70C
Replace Halogen lights

Electricity cost savings
Find your Kilowatt Hour Rate
Energy cost saving Over 100,000 Hour Bulb Life
Replacement for a 15W Halogen Spot Light
LED 0.72W
Halogen 15W
95% to light
10% to light
100,000 hours
800 hours
Cost of electricity (at 10? per KW)
Cost per light bulb
Cost of Light Bulbs in 100,000 hour period
(12 years of continuous operation)
Energy saved
Total Cost